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Toronto, on Dec 19th or 20th

I'm looking for a ride to Toronto on next Wednesday or Thursday. My ultimate destination is Oakville, but if you can drop me off at Union Station downtown that would be cool too. Email Louis: reylwriting@hotmail.com

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Anyone here going to the Cobra Starship shows in Toronto or Montreal (or just heading that way in general)? If so, would you mind giving me a ride? :D;; We can each bring a friend or two along for security purposes and to split the gas price.


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to Montreal December 8, 2006

Ride available to Montreal leaving Friday afternoon (South Keys), returning Sunday late afternoon/evening. Price: a share of the cost of gas. Seats available: 3.

Email reylwriting@hotmail.com

Aussi disponible en français ;)
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I'm looking for a ride to Montréal on Friday, October 27th. Anyone going that way? It'd be after 3pm (I work 'till 2:30) and before 4pm ('cause I have to meet my sister at the bus station).

I'll chip in for gas, but you have to tell me you're cheaper than the bus!

Also, I'd be coming back on Sunday, so if there's anyone coming back, let me know!

Thank you bunch,


rideshare offer MTL-OTTAWA-MTL

Hi there!
Two artists going to OIAF (Ottawa international animation festival) offer a rideshare! 20$ one way, or 30$ round trip

I'm leaving Montreal around 8-9am saturday September 23th.
I can take 2 persons, 3 if you dont mind being tight on the back seat.

Coming back on sunday around 5h30pm sunday september 24th.
I can take 3 persons, 4 if you dont mind being tight on the back seat.

If you need a ride, respond to this post, or send me an email at:
joellemorin at yahoo.CA

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