Zelas Hellmaster (littlelippy) wrote in carpool_ottawa,
Zelas Hellmaster

rideshare offer MTL-OTTAWA-MTL

Hi there!
Two artists going to OIAF (Ottawa international animation festival) offer a rideshare! 20$ one way, or 30$ round trip

I'm leaving Montreal around 8-9am saturday September 23th.
I can take 2 persons, 3 if you dont mind being tight on the back seat.

Coming back on sunday around 5h30pm sunday september 24th.
I can take 3 persons, 4 if you dont mind being tight on the back seat.

If you need a ride, respond to this post, or send me an email at:
joellemorin at yahoo.CA

Introduction survey:

Real name Joelle
I'm from: Montreal (Longueuil)
Age: 27 in two weeks
I've had my license for: 6 years
If I could only listen to one CD it would be: "Yes, Virginia" by Dresden Dolls
The farthest place I've travelled to by car is: Windsor, Ontario
My dream vacation is: Toyko!

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