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Intro and Request...

First off, Here's my intro survey thinger:

My real name is: Catherine D.
I'm from: Burlington, Ontario. I've also lived in Guelph and Peterborough.
Age: 26
I've had my license for: My G2 for a year and 2 months. My full G for 2 months. But I lack a car and will mostly be using this community to help me get places ;)
If I could only listen to one CD it would be: Barenaked Ladies - Rock Spectacle.
The farthest place I've travelled to by car is: I've travelled to Ohio on a bus. Does that count?
My dream vacation is: A cruise ship full of all my favourite bands. Oh wait. I did that ;)

And onto my request:

This is very vague, but I need to get to Peterborough for a couple of days before the end of the month, preferably during the last week (between the 24th and 30th) for a couple days. It's *very* flexible. If you are heading to Peterborough, or even to Toronto and don't mind picking me up or dropping me off please let me know. Thanks!


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